October 5, 2011

A Letter From A Little Sister..

Big brothers are special...and I am blessed to have two of them!  They provide strength, support, encouragement, advice, protection and always lots of love.

Jack is my big brother and has always provided the best for me.  I remember growing up with him by my side and always sticking up for me :). Now my brother is dying of ALS and a part of me is dying with him.  

I am truly blessed and honored to say he is a beacon of hope and an example of brotherly love not only to me but to my children and all of those who know and love him.  

When I look at my daughter Madison and how she looks to her brothers for love, support and guidance I hope and pray that my boys can provide for her what my brother does and has done for me.

My brother may be dying but his brotherly love and faithfulness will live forever in my heart.  Romans 12:10.

I love you Jack,
Your little sis
~ Joanne

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