June 27, 2014

The Last Post

This is the title of a military trumpet song played when the flag goes down in the evening. It is a sad, mournful sound. Posting entries on my blog is getting too difficult for me. I have enjoyed writing in my own simple way, but others in my family will have to take over now. Thanks to the many followers of my blog for your comments and encouraging emails. God bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you.


June 1, 2014

God's Face

One of my favourite Psalms is Psalm 34. There David ascribes to God many human character traits: eyes, ears, taste, and a face. God looks, listens, sees, hears, and His face shines upon us. Anthropomorphic speaking theologians call it. Comforting words I call it. He hears my prayers and cries, He knows my situation perfectly, He never slumbers nor sleeps. What a comfort this is.