April 24, 2014

God's Continued Care

God continues to care for me and for my family every day. Despite my unfaithfulness, He is faithful to me and faithful to His Word. We were privileged to celebrate His death and resurrection again.

We enjoy listening to worship services on church telephone and sermon audio. So thankful for the technology that the Lord has provided in His kindness. Thinking about the cross, the suffering and the shame, the words of the well known hymn come to mind:'If ever I loved Thee my Saviour tis now'.


April 14, 2014

Silent Lamb

A lamb, when it is chased by a predator has no defense but to run and bleat until caught. It then gives up and lies down in silence. In like manner, Jesus, the Lamb of God, was silent throughout the interviews, trials, and crucifixion. He was abandoned by His Father in heaven so that we don't need to be abandoned.

I have been silenced but I can still pray in my mind and speak through my blog, and the Lord hears and answers me. Amazing the thought that God simultaneously hears the prayers and thoughts of billions of His people and answers them all in His time and manner.


April 4, 2014

New Helper!

Good help is so hard to find.

Yet, we have a new PSW who is such a great help - and he's even Dutch (and quite a cutie!) 

PS. For all those concerned, Lucas did not dump my Dad right out of his chair :)