August 29, 2013

Summer is O'er

The daylight is noticeably getting shorter, the nights are cooler and the sound of the crickets fills the air. Teachers are back in school preparing their classrooms for the students to arrive next week, and students are busy with 'back to school' shopping. A new season is closing in on us, especially for families with children.

Lena and I were privileged to celebrate 37 years of marriage last week. This is a milestone we didn't expect to reach. The Lord has truly been good to us and 'caused His face to shine upon us'. How much road we have left together God only knows. He gives life and He ends life according to His timetable. He never makes mistakes.

All too soon, the leaves will begin changing colour in preparation for the winter again. My son tells me that the weeds are beginning to die off in the lakes. Time never stands still, it hastens on to the end. God is the only one not measurable by time, He changes not (immutable). We fade as a leaf and die, we spend our life as a tale that is told. Are we ready, are we prepared for His coming?



  1. Lord, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is: that I may know how frail I am.Psalms 39:4

    It is good to be reminded how frail we are and to know how indescribably powerful our Lord is.

  2. I admire your faith and courage and peace. It points to a relationship with the Life-giver, and the hope of something beyond this life...or perhaps it's more simple than that and you simply trust God. I'd like to have such faith and trust.