August 2, 2013


We all know how important communication is to any human relationship, especially in a marriage. In fact, the lack of communication is one of the major reasons why marriages fail. Communication involves more than verbal expression, it includes facial movements, hand signals and body language as well. A roll of the eyes and a wave of the hand speaks volumes, in addition to the spoken word.

What happens when these forms of communication are cut off? This is without a doubt my biggest loss due to the ravages of ALS. How does one compensate? Well, you do the best you can using primitive, low tech alphabet cards, to high tech Dynavox computer system. But it is definitely not the same. The emotion, the feeling is missing from the computer generated voice. You can communicate your basic needs, but not your innermost feelings.

It is a good thing that communication with God is not limited by our human frailties. He knows our thoughts and the intents of our heart. We don't need words; even groans are enough. We can pray at any time, night or day. He never slumbers nor sleeps, but He is ever mindful of His people.

God speaks to us through His Word and Spirit. John describes Jesus as the Word made flesh (John 1). As the Word, He communicates Himself to us. The Spirit is the Comforter Who applies the Word to our hearts to comfort us with God's promises. There is no communication barrier that gets in the way.

Praise be to His name!


Look at these two communicate!

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