June 8, 2013

Poem - Edit

My sister, Nellie, and her husband, Jim, recently came to visit Jack and I. She loves writing and after watching the CHCH news footage of Jack's birthday surprise, she wrote the following poem, while driving back home to Michigan.  - Lena

The wife:
A birthday wish on our front lawn
How grand an undertaking!
And CHCH news may be there, too,
great memories in the making.
What can be said to point to God,
the giver of all blessings,
who showers us this day with rain,
and mercies never ceasing?
The teacher:
The seed of an idea has grown;
today comes to fruition.
More can be taught than just 3 R’s;
“Child, what will be your mission?”
Yes, we’ll go; go rain or shine.
Busses unload two hundred, three?
“The little ones should be in front.”
Be kind and then you all will see.

 The editor:
“Cut, cut!” they say, “Cut out the Word.”
Lord, Jesus, Bible, Holy, God.
Cut Bible verse, prayer and praise.
Generic. That will get the nod.
Drop, delete. Edit, eliminate.
Words, phrases, songs fall to the floor.
What’s left? Footage no one can hate.
Just tell the story, nothing more.

The blogger:
With words he taught young minds to think.
Taught sciences with phrases.
With songs to sing and glorify
the God whose love amazes.
Each day a joy to go to work
He’s fun and energetic!
“Hello!”  “What’s wrong?” “I see!”  “I’ll help.”
and, “Happy Birthday, Eric!”

 The Father:
With loving hands He edited
the life that was this man.
Some were surprised and others shocked,
but God knew; it was His plan.
Drop the job. Delete fishing.
Eliminate  all walking.
Edit out elder duties.
What else? Now no more talking.
More Lord? Subtracting from the whole?
“My child, I’m looking at the soul!”

You and Me:                                                                                                             
We watch, and pray, ask, and blog,
and try to understand.
“If it were me, could I endure
such trials from God’s hand?”
Each one of us has a job
To do what we must do.
In all to glorify His Name.                                                     
“My grace is sufficient for you.”

                                           --Nellie deVries
                                           June 7, 2013


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