June 10, 2013

ALS Walk 2013

On Saturday, June 8th, we were joined by over 80 people on team Westerink at Bayfront Park, in Hamilton, in the 2013 walk for ALS. Our team raised just over $10,000 for research and equipment for ALS. The weather was good, no rain, and I was pushed in my wheelchair for the 5 kilometre walk. Thank you to all of the participants and sponsors of my team. We had a great day.

The whole Team

The half way point


Jack and all his siblings

My dental surgery is healing nicely, and I am again enjoying the taste of food. It is however, becoming more of a challenge for me to swallow food. This will be the next hurdle in my journey with ALS. But God is going with me every step of the way, and underneath are His "everlasting arms".


  1. How nice to get a glimpse of all of you! We keep you in mind and prayer. love and greetings Bert & Anneke

  2. Hi Jack. I joined your blog because I would really like to get in touch with you. My name is Judy Leonard, Dutch, a physician and missionary in Calcutta India for 25 years with husband and 2 kids, who are now studying in the States. Is there any way? My email is jpwmleonard@gmail.com
    I was made aware of your blog by a Dutch nurse who is following you. I really liked reading your encouraging entries.
    Blessings, Judy