June 1, 2013

Dental Work Completed

Yesterday, I had two molars removed by a dental surgeon. He discovered the beginning of decay next to the one that I went in for. Rather than come back another time, we decided to do both at once. Two for one, Lena said. We still have some Dutch blood in our veins.

Well, I am very happy to report that the procedure went very well. I did not need any pain pills or antibiotics. I felt carried on the wings of prayers, and remained calm throughout the procedure. I recited Psalm 23 in my mind, over and over. It felt like that well known poem "Footprints in the Sand", when the author sees two sets of footprints become one set. At that point I was being carried by my heavenly Father. Thank you for your prayers, calls, and emails.



  1. so thankful that the appointment went well! We continue to keep you in our daily prayers.

  2. I'm so very thankful to hear it went well and that you can once again eat! Praising the Lord for His kindness in carrying you through!
    Anita Higgins