February 26, 2013

Church Building Project

Yesterday, February 24th, was the last Sunday that we worshipped in our old church building. After 52 years, it is no longer suitable to meet the needs of our congregation. There are too many stairs and there are access problems for the
elderly and handicapped. Over the next 12 - 14 months, the old building will be torn down, and a new $3.8 million facility will be erected on the same location. For the time being, we will be worshipping at a sister church building, close by,
by means of staggering the worship service times.

At the end of the final worship service, the large pulpit Bible was closed,
indicating the closure of the building as dedicated to the worship of God. The Lord willing, in one year, the Bible will be re - opened on the new pulpit in
the new church building. One noteworthy fact is that the content of the preaching has not changed over those 52 years. God does not change, and neither does His Word. Bricks and mortar may change, but our spiritual needs remain the same. 

Here's the link to the Hamilton FRC Building Project blog:

The building has a lot of meaning for Lena and I as we were both converted under the preaching of Rev. P. DenButter here. Two of our three children were baptized here, all were taught Sunday school, catechized, and did Confession 
of Faith here. One of our children married here.

The sermon preached by Dr.G.M.Bilkes reminded us that the people of Israel
were on a journey with Egypt behind them, and the promised land ahead of them. They could never drive their tent pegs in too deeply because they were
always on the move. We too as a church, and as individuals, are on a journey with an eternal destination. We should never set our heart on earthly things, "where moth and rust doth corrupt".

I am especially reminded of that fact as I experience that my body, or 'earthly tabernacle', is slowly, but steadily being broken down, and that 'tent pegs' are being pulled out. We have here "no abiding city". It is difficult and painful to let
go of earthly possessions and abilities, but we must, and with God's help we can. 

The best is yet to come. 

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