June 13, 2012

Giving With Love

My sister Margaret and her husband Henk spent two weeks with us. They also joined us on the walk for ALS, and helped us out both inside and outside of our home.

Henk stained the arbour over the patio, sanded and painted the window lintels, cut the lawn twice, washed and vacuumed my van, swept out the garage and helped out inside as well. I asked Henk to lead us in devotions during mealtimes and in the evenings. It was a wonderful time that we had together; almost like having your own live-in pastor. Thank you dear brother. I miss you already. God bless you in your work at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

This is a helpful hint that Henk learned from his grandmother - clean stained hands (or oil paint or tar,etc) using a chunk of butter! It's amazing how well it works.

My sister took over most of the food preparation, serving, and cleaning up in the kitchen. She was a big help for Lena. Margaret also helped by taking many turns watching me in the night so that Lena could get a full nights sleep. The extra pair of hands lightened the load and her cheerful spirit brought a lot of joy into our home. We laughed and cried a lot together. It was vey difficult to say goodbye. We look forward to their next visit.


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  1. Dear the Westerlinks and Kleyns,

    Thank you for sharing your lives through this blog with us. I only begin to understand what it is like that you are going through at the moment.

    They are all beautiful pictures to me.
    Having a big loving family must be a big comfort to those who are suffering. The difficult time to be shared with the mature Christians like Mr. and Mrs. Kleyn is truly precious.

    May Christ be the greatest strength to you, Mr. Westerlink. I really love the verse, 2 Corinthians 12:9. I would like, too, do it "most gladly" before the LORD. May God change my heart, too. I know it is very slow, but I want to be transformed inside.

    Yours sincerely,

    Young Jae Lee

    One of the PRTS students