June 6, 2012

Be Patient And Endure - J.C.Ryle

We must run with patience, or we shall never obtain. There may be many things we cannot understand, much that the flesh could perhaps wish otherwise, but let us endure unto the end, and all shall be made clear, and God's arrangements shall be proved best. Think not to have your reward on earth, do not draw back because your good things are all yet to come. Today is the cross, but tomorrow is the crown. Today is the labor, but tomorrow is the wages. Today is the sowing, but tomorrow is the harvest. Today is the battle, but tomorrow is the rest. Today is the weeping, but tomorrow is the joy. And what is today compared to tomorrow? Today is but seventy years, but tomorrow is eternity. Be patient and hope unto the end. ~ J.C. Ryle


  1. Was so encouraged by your post yesterday, to be Patient and Endure. Praying for you and thanking God for your sharing.

  2. "Be thou faithful unto death, and i will give you a crown of life"...i also was encouraged today by this post ")