March 15, 2012

Thankful for What I Can Do

Last night I had quite a good sleep and woke up to an amazingly beautiful day. This morning I could enjoy a hot shower and then spent some time reading comforting promises and encouragements that I have highlighted in my online Bible reading program. I was able to read through the entire Bible (NT and Psalms twice) in 10 weeks, and I highlighted about 100 passages that spoke to me. Now I enjoy re-reading those bookmarks on my iPad.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking about the things I can no longer do, but far better to be thankful about what I am able to do and enjoy. I enjoyed lots of sunshine on my driveway today watching the grandchildren play and ride their bikes in 21C temperature (who needs Florida in this weather?). We also went for a lovely walk along Hamilton harbor at Pier 4 Park while the grand kids cycled and even played in the sand. The grand kids say "hi Opa" when they see me, and then run off to play. I would love to be able to talk more with them besides "hi", "bye", and "love you", but they seem to understand that this is the new 'norm'. Three year old Aliya came running in one morning shouting "Hi Opa. Guess what? I prayed for you!" and then asked me if she could play on my iPad. That's how kids are.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 198 lbs, down from 220 lbs before my illness began. I suppose it's due to a reduced appetite, eating slower as well as the atrophy of the muscles. I cannot remember when I was under 200 (maybe 20 years ago). I can notice it on how my clothes fit. It makes it a little easier for Lena to move me around and get me dressed.

I do feel most secure and comfortable at home, but I am still thankfully able to attend church twice per Lord's Day, and I tag along on trips to the grocery store. The change in scenery is good, and the fellowship with God's people under the ministry of the Word is uplifting. Grace sufficient for each day, and the Hymn "I Need Thee Every Every Hour" have taken on new meaning for me.

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  1. Dear Jack and Lena,
    Last night we had prayer meeting at our place. You were on mind when we sang this song. May you constantly rest in our Saviour Jesus Christ. You are in my prayers daily. God bless you. Lena,Gid bless you too as you care for Jack.You are also in our prayers.
    John van Woerden, Chilliwack, BC

    There is a Redeemer
    Jesus, God's own Son
    Precious Lamb of God
    Messiah, Holy One

    Jesus, my Redeemer
    Name above all names
    Precious Lamb of God
    Messiah, O for sinners slain

    Thank You, O my Father
    For giving us Your Son
    And leaving us Your Spirit
    'Til the work on earth is done

    When I stand in glory
    I will see His face
    And there I'll serve
    My King forever
    In that holy place