March 27, 2012

Technology Access Clinic

We recently went to Chedoke for a visit to the TAC (Technology Access Clinic) where we met with Steve and Gerry. They assessed Jack's communication needs and what type of technology would best assist him now and in the future. They arranged to come to our house and they brought with them two types of computers which have the capability of speaking what he types but also give him the ability to do his email, check his favourites websites, etc. They will even set it up so that Jack will be able to turn on our ipod so that he can listen to music and control it from his computer.  (You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause or adjust the volume of the music to be able to hear the videos.)

The computer will be able to be mounted on his wheelchair also. They thought it was a good idea for him to start using it now so that he can get used to it while he still has some voice left and then when he needs it exclusively, he'll be really familiar with it and faster at it.

Of course this causes mixed feelings in us. We are so thankful for the technology we have and yet saddened because of what the need of it means. I was hoping that Jack's experience would be similar to that of John's, our dear friend Barb's husband who died of ALS last year. He was able to speak right up until his death; but alas, this is not to be. Each ALS journey is so individual and we just have to accept that God is sovereign in this also and that He has a "specially designed for Jack" journey in mind, one that will purify him and one that will teach Lena patience, self denial and compassion. We will continue to trust and obey and expect all our help from God alone.

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