February 6, 2012

Our Children

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: ...Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:" (Psalm 127)

As parents of three married children, this scripture has been fulfilled in our lives, and we especially experience it now during this time of illness in our family. Our children have been an encouragement and a blessing to us in so many ways. This journey has been difficult for them as well, but they have remained strong and supportive, for our benefit.

Our oldest daughter, Joni, has been helping us with physio and brings meals once in a while. She is the family photographer and event planner and is always willing to help in any way she can. 

Her husband Willem, an Optometrist, keeps a close tab on my eye care. He has made adjustments to my wheelchair, making it more comfortable and efficient for me. He is also very adept at solving any computer or ipad questions that we may have.

Our second daughter, Sarah, has designed and maintained our blog from day one. She gives helpful advise and is very prompt at posting the articles which we submit. She is a very good writer herself and has contributed several blog entries for us. She also has brought over meals for us and runs errands, when needed and has helped out with physio once in awhile.  

Her husband Goran, an Engineer, commits to once a week doing the physio and also helps out with equipment problems and set up. Dad enjoys these one-on-one times with him. Since he lives so close by, he is the one we call in the middle of the night if Jack has fallen and Lena cannot get him up by herself.  Since he is self employed now, his schedule is very flexible and he's available to help whenever needed.

Our son Gerrit, who is a licensed carpenter, has done so much for us. He worked in our previous home getting it ready to be sold and now in our new home, he has spent much time modifying it to make it wheelchair accessible. He recently painted walls and put up new trim in our living room. It looks beautiful and we enjoy it so much, seeing that we spend most of our day there. 

His wife, Sarah, kindly helps Lena by regularly cleaning our home. She seldom arrives empty handed, bringing along a meal or some home made baked goods.

Thank you, Joni and Willem, Sarah and Goran, Gerrit and Sarah.

We love you all very much!


  1. Jack and Lena,you are blessed with a devoted loving family. You have been and remain a blessing to your children and their spouses. This is a post that inspires families to consider the inestimable gift of love in family and to treasure the opportunities to share in family love. God has ordained the covenant blessings to flow from generation to generation of those who love Him. May His peace be yours as you continue along the journey of life to glory.

    We love you and your family. hk

  2. Wow, what a beautiful family--inside and out. Thank you for posting this; it gives us names and faces to your family in our prayers.

  3. Dear Jack and Lena,

    Your children are a wonderful gift and blessing to you, but they are a source of blessing to so many others also. We love them and are thankful for them, as we are to you for raising them to be such gracious, loving servants. To God be all the praise.

    With our continued love and fervent prayers,

  4. Truly children are a blessing from the Lord!