December 26, 2011

Family Portraits

Christmas is the time when we spend a lot of time with our family, eating, visiting and very often it's also the time for the inevitable family photo. This was especially my desire this year as it will most likely be our last Christmas together as a complete family with our beloved patriarch still with us.
We had agreed to meet on the 24th for the photo shoot.
Willem bought Joni a remote control for her camera so that we did not need to bring in another photographer. Joni set up her tripod on the driveway and the arranging and repositioning of the families began. Finally she had it to her liking and she remotely clicked away. After about 200 clicks she decided that she would probably have a few good ones in there, so she took apart the tripod and put her camera away. By this time we were all pretty chilled and we headed into the house for a nice cup of hot coffee.
Here is the final product.
but wait..........WHERE'S WALDO???
We walked into the house and sure enough, there was little Jack sitting on the couch with his nose buried in an Archie comic!!
Oh no..... "you mean you were here all the time? You're not in any of the pictures? ".  " I didn't know we were going to take a picture" he replied and then we all began to rib Joni about not knowing how many children she has, and "you know you have too many children when......." etc.
Well, we had a good laugh about it when we realized that none of us had missed him and when Opa started saying "Where's Waldo??" that really got us all laughing.
We all went outside again and repeated the whole process. ( And of course the first ones were the best!)
Here is the final picture with the whole family.


  1. That is just too funny! LOL Love the picture of him with his striped shirt and hat. The pictures turned out wonderful!!

  2. That is very funny (about Waldo).
    Keeping you all in my prayers.

    Mary V.

  3. Beautiful family pictures!!! Boy did I laugh when I read your story! We once left a child at home, and never realized util we were almost at church!

  4. that is so funny! And in the past, I think that lots of families have left one of their children back at church. Beautiful family picture, happy that your family has this time together. Wishing you all God's blessing, His nearness, and strength in the coming year.

  5. So funny, 'poor Waldo'. I like the photo with him the most!!!