November 26, 2011

To Florida and Back

We spent one day travelling to Florida by car, thirteen days in Florida, and one day travelling home from Florida by car. We were away from home and on vacation with our best friends for a total of 15 days. Ryk drove both ways in one stretch, saving us motel costs. Instead, our wives elected to spend the money on new outfits.
There is an old Dutch saying that a guest and a fish both stay fresh for three days, after that, the fish begins to smell. I must say that after 15 days with our friends, we are still best friends. We are so much alike in the way we think and live, that there is no room for irritations or differences. The Christian friendship and family history that we share is a wonderful gift that we value very highly for over 35 years now.
In the above picture we were enjoying a haddock fish dinner at Alfie’s Restaurant, overlooking the seashore.  

Thank-you Ryk and Anke for driving, holding open doors for me, lifting up and down the wheel chair ramp, and helping me stand up from my chair on numerous occasions.  We spent a lot of time reading, talking, drinking coffee, shopping, puzzling and even quiet times together. It was a peaceful, restful  vacation.


  1. Good friends are as precious as gold!
    It sounds like you all had a good time. It was nice that you were able to get one of those wheel chairs with the big tires and were able to enjoy the beach.
    Take care,
    Marietta and Garry

  2. Thanks Jack and Lena. Our feelings are mutual. It was a blessing for us to spend this time with you and a privilege to help you in whatever way we can. We will cherish the memories.
    Ryk and Anke