November 1, 2011


Some time ago, a few ladies met to study the Scriptures.While reading the third chapter of Malachi, they came upon a remarkable expression in the third verse: “And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver” (Malachi 3:3). One lady decided to visit a silversmith, and report to the others on what he said about the subject. She went accordingly, and without telling him the reason for her visit, begged the silversmith to tell her about the process of refining silver.

After he had fully described it to her, she asked, “Sir do you sit while the work of refining is going on?”“Oh yes ma’am,” replied the silversmith, “I must sit and watch the furnace constantly, for, if the time necessary for refining is exceeded in the slightest degree, the silver will be injured.” The lady at once saw the beauty and comfort of the expression, “He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.”  God sees it necessary to put His children into the furnace; but His eye is steadily intent on the work of purifying, and His wisdom and love are both engaged in the best manner for us.Our trials do not come at random, and He will not let us be tested beyond what we can endure.

Before she left, the lady asked one final question,“How do you know when the process is complete?”“That’s quite simple,” replied the silversmith.“When I see my own image in the silver, the refining process is finished.”


He shall sit as a refiner ... and He shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver” (Malachi 3:3).
“He knoweth the way that I take; when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:10).

He sat by a furnace of sevenfold heat,
As He watched by the precious ore;
And closer He bent with a searching gaze,
As He heated it more and more.

He knew He had ore that could stand the test,
And He wanted the finest gold
To mould as a crown for the King to wear,
Set with gems of a price untold.

So He laid our gold in the burning fire,
Though we fain would say to Him, “Nay”;
And He watched the dross, which we had not seen,
As it melted and passed away.

And the gold grew brighter, and yet more bright-
But our eyes were so dim with tears;
We saw but the fire - not the Master’s hand -
And so questioned with anxious fears.

Yet our gold shone out with a richer glow,
As it mirrored a Form above
That bent o’er the fire, though unseen by us,
With a look of ineffable love.

Can we think it pleases His heart
E’er to cause us a moment’s pain?
Ah no! But He sees through the present cross
All the bliss of eternal gain.

So He waited there with a watchful eye,
With a love that is strong and sure;
And His gold did not suffer a bit more heat
Than was needed to make it pure.

~ Anonymous

Here is a link to a sermon fitting with this as well titled "When God Melts Us Down" by Jerry Bilkes.  Click HERE TO HEAR MESSAGE!                                                            

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