November 24, 2011

Fernando Ortega at a Revive Our Hearts Conference

The first weekend in November I (Joni) was privileged to attend a Revive our Hearts conference in Indianapolis.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss and her team at ROH lead a ministry to women, encouraging the pursuit of Biblical Womanhood.  Fernando Ortega was the worship leader for the weekend and led us in praising our King - it was incredible!  I met Fernando before the concert and told him a little bit about my Dad's story - I gave him a bracelet which he wore for the concert.  It was very emotional for me to see his hands up on the jumbo screen in the conference centre, wearing the "Grace is Sufficient" bracelet and playing - the first song he sat down and played was Amazing Grace!  The conference photographer (Katie Bollinger) graciously agreed to take a few close ups for me and sent them to me today. 

If you want to hear some of Fernando's music - check out the following link, or search him on Youtube - Hymns and Meditations is one of my favourite albums of all time.

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