August 31, 2011

Shelter in Christ Jesus

 In the July/August edition of The Messenger, Dr. G.M. Bilkes has a meditation entitled All My Journey Through. In this article he explains a very interesting thought with respect to the pillar of cloud and fire that led the Israelites as they journeyed through the wilderness for 40 years. “The impression you get from reading all the passages about it is that the higher the cloud got, the more the cloud expanded and dispersed, making a canopy or umbrella-like shape over the people to give them shade from the blazing wilderness sun (see Psalm 105:39).” (Bilkes, p.3)

What amazing care God provided to lead and shelter the Israelites. God is still the same today. He leads, and guides by His Word. And in that Word we can find a shelter in Christ, Who bore the wrath of God for His people. How blessed to take shelter under the shadow of His wings.
A verse in Psalm 63 has been a great comfort to me: “Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice” (Psalm 63:7) Just like the pillar of cloud and fire was an umbrella for Israel, so we too can find shelter, peace, and contentment in Christ Jesus.

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