August 26, 2011

I opened the blinds this morning and commented to Jack that we hadn't spent much time sitting in our little back yard this summer. "Next year we'll probably spend more time there since we won't be going to the trailer". He said, "you will be going there but I wont". I knew what he meant and said, "are you planning on going to a better resort?" He said, "yes, an "all-inclusive!" He always makes me smile. I said " I guess you'll find out the true meaning of "all-inclusive" there".

Today was his last day going to school and it was the end of an era for him as he slowly took down the pictures and diplomas from off the walls, removed his name from off his mailbox and unscrewed the nameplate from off his office door.(he had to ask Dick to help him with that).  I asked him if it was difficult but he said no, he was fine with it. He explains that it's like the tent strings are being cut one by one, God is releasing him slowly from all earthly ties and "that's ok".

After work we had a good visit with two deacons from the church and then we went to Sam and Cara's for a delicious supper and good fellowship. Sam,Cara and Leah sang a song for us, accompanied by Leah on the guitar. They heard this song at the Carey conference this week and wanted to share it with us. It was very touching and the song echoes Jack's desire exactly. We thought we'd share a version of it here. (You may want to pause the music player at the bottom of the blog). 


  1. My mother just sent me a link to your blog and while it very much saddens me to read of your difficult journey, I am also greatly blessed to see your love for the Lord and that your hope lies in Him. It is amazing how much tender love our Father shows us in these times of deep trial, and His provisions for His children never end. May you be filled with the peace that passes all understanding as you walk each day together, serving each other and our dear Saviour. I will be praying for you, your children and grandchildren.
    Love in Christ,
    Anita Higgins (nee VanDoodewaard)

  2. Again we are SO going to miss Jack's smiling face at Rehoboth. And his voice...sounds weird but it is kinda unique to everyone and Jack's is no exception. You didn't have to guess if you heard him talking "around the corner". And his office door was usually open so one could just "drop-in" for a minute. In those of us who are about 16 and over...I'd say we've lost a big part of Rehoboth...and we are thankful to have had you but sad that time is now over. God be with you both on this most difficult journey.We'll miss you at school!!!!!!

  3. I can not read this blog without a big lump forming in my throat every time. God bless you Jack and Lena. Thank you for sharing your pain and struggles and faith so openly - I know that God has and will use it to bless others! We are praying for your entire family.
    Pete and Lisa VanStrien

  4. A lump in the throat indeed! The kids at Rehoboth will miss you dearly. My kids have said that it just won't be the same without your smiling face to welcome them in the morning and see them off in the afternoons. We are all praying for you.