September 19, 2013

Condition Update - September

ALS is a progressive disease that slowly, but surely kills off all of the nerves controlling the muscles of the body. At the present time, it has basically left me paralyzed below the neck. My neck muscles are now getting weaker making it difficult to hold up my head and to operate my computer. I control the cursor with a piece of reflective tape on the bridge of my glasses. Imagine the scenario: a wobbly head chasing a cursor across a keyboard.

It is for this reason why I will no longer be able to write many more blog posts. Hopefully other members of the family will take over.

Best Regards


  1. So sorry to hear this-- regarding both your physical state and no further blog posts. Your writings have been a blessing to so many, and I hope, in a way, to you as well. We will miss your posts. You and your dear family continue to be in our prayers to our Loving Lord and Saviour.
    Erik and Rachel VanDyk

  2. Dear friend in Christ, However we don't know each other, the Lord says in His precious Word that all them that love His appearing are members of the same Body of our dear Saviour. We always were very encouraged, reading your blogs about you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. He'll strengthen and carry you till over the deads Jordan, when you and when also our time shall come together our Lord and Saviour will praise till eternity. And so we shall ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words! Best Regards and farewell, from Holland

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily as you continue down this difficult road.

  4. Hello Jack,
    Would a neck brace be helpful for you for the times you wish to use the computer, or some kind of strap that goes around your forehead and is attached to your chair?
    Remembering you and Lena and your family in my prayers.
    Mary VanDoodewaard

  5. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
    -Mark & Bethany Naves