November 5, 2012

The Power of the Cross on Your Death-bed - J.C. Ryle

Are you a dying believer? Have you gone to that bed from which something within tells you you will never come down alive? Are you drawing near to that solemn hour when soul and body must part for a season, and you must launch into a world unknown? Oh, look steadily at the cross of Christ, and you shall be kept in peace! Fix the eyes of your mind firmly on Jesus crucified, and He shall deliver you from all your fears. Though you walk through dark places, He will be with you. He will never leave you, and never forsake you. Sit under the shadow of the cross to the very last, and its fruits shall be sweet to your taste. There is but one thing needful on a death-bed, and that is to feel one’s arms around the cross. ~ J.C. Ryle


  1. Dear brother Jack, may you indeed experience the nearness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    Keep your eyes fixed on Him whom your souls loves.
    In brotherly love,
    John Van Woerden

    C. H. SPURGEON: I can see that there is no better place than the brink of Jordan, after all. I have seen the brethren, and the sisters, too, sit with their feet in the narrow stream, and they have been singing all the while. Death has not abated a single note of their song…There is nothing about death that the believer should construe it into a fear that it will separate him from the love of Christ. Christ loved you when He died; He will love you when you die. It was after death—remember that—it was after death that His heart poured out the tribute of blood and water by which we have the double cure; see, then, how He loves us in death and after death. There is nothing about death that should make Christ cease to love us; our bodies will be under His protection and guardian care, and our souls shall be with Christ, which is “far better” than being anywhere else. Do not, therefore, fear death.

  2. I just discovered your blog and it has blessed me so much. My husband was recently diagnosed with ALS, and the deterioration is extremely aggressive. Thank you for your transparency and your faith. I know I will be visiting often when I need to be uplifted and just knowing that someone else understands means so much. God bless you.