November 28, 2012

Grandson Baptized

Last Sunday, November 25th, our 11th grandchild received the sign and seal of holy baptism. The water is a sign of Christ's blood that is able to wash us from our sin. The seal is God's one sided covenant promise that He is willing to be our personal God and Saviour. What a blessing to witness this event together with family members and the congregation of God's people, who also promise to do their best to teach and raise Lucas George in the fear of the Lord.

Baptism is a pleading ground for parents, grandparents, and the whole congregation to bring before the Lord in prayer to fulfil His covenant promise to Lucas George personally. It is not an automatic resting ground that we may presume upon, but a reason for prayer. What a wonderful blessing and privilege we have been given.

I was not able to attend the service in person, but with modern technology, I was able to witness and participate in the event from the second row seat through skype. It was the next best thing to actually being there. Thank you Willem for that special gift of making that possible.

Baptism is a blessing that I receive much personal comfort from. Before I was even conscious of it, God gave me His promise of salvation, I was set aside in a Christian family, given a Christian upbringing and a Christian education at home, church and school. These are wonderful privileges, but also great responsibilities. I will have to give an account for what I have done with these gifts. Thankfully I can say that God used these gifts in my life to draw me to Himself. I pray that will be true for all of my 11 grandchildren.

For the Beric family, Lucas and his siblings represent the second generation of souls who have been incorporated into the covenant. God promises to bless to the 3rd and 4th generation of those who love and serve Him. A brand has been plucked from the fire, and a new limb has been added to the family of God. Prayers need to multiply for this new limb.



  1. Jack, thank you so much for the tremendous effort you expended for our edification in preparing this post. Our prayers join yours for your precious children and grandchildren that they may be truly grafted into the Vine and bear much fruit to His praise.

  2. 30 November 2012,

    Dear Mr. Westerink,

    I thank you for being a faithful child of God even at this time. Your life itself reminds me of the true sanctification.

    May God grant you the strength to bear the cross for you and enable you walk closely with God. What you wrote above, too, is a real reminder of what the holy baptism means for our children. May our Lord accept your thanks and prayer and grant your grand children, including Lucas George, faith, repentance and salvation.

    Yours sincerely,

    Young Jae Lee