April 20, 2012

Lesson from Dandelions

Last fall, I was quite sure that I had removed most of the dandelions from my lawn. However, as the grass greened up and began to grow again this spring, there was suddenly about 50 yellow flowers in the lawn. Lena decided to go on dandelion duty, and carefully dug them out while I watched from my wheelchair on the driveway. She said that she had watched me do it for many years, and that now it was her turn. Dandelions can be tough to root out because they have a deep tap root. They can even grow in the cracks of the
sidewalk and driveway where there is very little soil and nutrients.  The next morning, to our surprise, there were again about 25 yellow flowers on the lawn. Lena diligently went on duty again, and removed them. The third day, we were greeted by about 15 flowers, and so it continues, day after day. Weeding is something you have to stay on top of or else you will be over run in no time. Seeds may have blown in from the neighbours, or were dormant in the soil from years before.

The dandelion problem can be compared to the Christian's fight against sin. Even though he has a renewed heart, there is still a problem with remaining sin, and the old sin nature. Sin can be deep rooted, and difficult to conquer. It can find cracks and crevices in our heart to grow in. The battle
against sin is one that, by God's grace, we may slowly gain some victory over, but we will never be done with. If we let down our guard, we can quickly be overcome by that sin. 'God made the garden of Eden, but we turned it into a garden of weed'n. '

Ephesians chapter 6 describes the Christian's life as a battle, requiring the weapons of warfare: helmet, sword, shield, belt, breastplate, and shoes. "Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."vs.11. The weapons can never be laid down, until life is
over. The battle can be tiresome, two steps forward and one step back, but it needs to be fought. God will ensure that His people will persevere and be preserved until the end.

So get busy weeding!

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  1. Dear brother Jack, thank you for the beautiful analogy, may God bless your ministry even at this time. We are praying for you and Lena. John and Henrietta