April 17, 2012

Lesson from a Cocoon

Outside my window, inserted in the bird house, is a dry twig with a cocoon on the end of it. The cocoon is brown and lifeless, and it rattles inside when you shake it. The chrysalis inside is hard, dry, and seems dead. But an amazing thing happens when a sufficient number of heat units accumulate. Scientists call it metamorphosis. The chrysalis changes into a beautiful butterfly. I can hardly wait to see it happen.

The ressurection of the dead is pictured in the metamorphosis of the cocoon. The spring weather brings out new life in all of creation. In 1 Corinthians 15, the great ressurection chapter, we find the two great pillars of the Christian religion: "Christ died for our sins" ( verse 3), and "he rose again the third day according to the scriptures" ( verse 4). On these two great gospel truths our salvation is founded. When a believer in Jesus dies, his hope rests in that same ressurection. Jesus has conquered both sin and death for His people, for those who believe in Him. That hope is a sure thing, just not attained yet. That is my hope too.

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  1. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts at this time in your life, Jack. We live so closely bound to the things of time and sense, but I notice as you draw closer to that time of eternity, your thoughts are directed to the eternal things. Even the everyday things of life, like this cocoon, direct your eyes to Him who will fashion our bodies anew in that eternal resurrection. May your eyes be only directed to Him, who is the resurrection and the life.Blessings, Wilma