March 26, 2013

Faithful Caregiver

My wife Lena, has been my faithful caregiver for two years now. We are travelling this ALS road together, side by side. As the disease progresses, Lena has to take care of more and more of my basic needs, to the point where I am totally dependent on her.

It is not uncommon for the spouses of ALS sufferers to leave out of frustration, and head for greener pastures. But Lena has truly fulfilled the vow she made nearly 37 years ago: "in sickness and in health". Not only has my life been impacted and restricted, but Lena's has as well. There are many things that we would like to see and do together, but we have had to give these up. We looked forward to retirement, in order to spend more time with our grandchildren and at our trailer by the lake, but God had different plans for us, and He makes no mistakes.

In a sense, we do have an early retirement, as we both had to stop working, and now spend all of our time together. We also have the special privilege of enjoying many visits with our children and grandchildren. Although living with a terminal illness does put extra stresses and strains on a relationship, the Bible tells us that "a three-fold cord is not quickly broken". (Eccl 4:12) Husband, wife, with God in the middle.

Thank you Lane, for all the physical, emotional, and spiritual help you have been to me.



  1. Jack, when I heard you say through your computer, "I love you Lane" last Wednesday, I knew you absolutely meant it. God has graced you two with His love and faithfulness carrying you through the difficult days and hours in dependence upon Him. May He graciously continue to do so as the stresses increase. We love you both in Our Lord and as dear sister and brother. Margaret & Henk

  2. No words, God bless you both. Praying for you.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you often. May God continue to bless you both!

  4. Dear Jack,
    We never pray for you without praying for Lena also. You are walking through a deep valley together, but your needs are so very different. We don't know how deep your pain is, but we have a sympathetic High Priest who knows all. He knows what it is to be in pain, He knows what it is to thirst and not have someone to help Him, He knows what it's like to not be able to move when cramping demands a change of position, He knows how it feels to be forgotten, forsaken or to endure pity. God the Father turned His Face away from His Beloved Son during His greatest sufferings here on earth, so that He won't ever have to do that to you, another one of His beloved sons.
    "Sufferings are but as little chips of the cross." (Joseph Church)
    Praying always for you both,
    Susan & family

  5. May God continue to keep you both in His care . It's not an easy journey He has given but He does promise to be with you as you trust in Him.