October 13, 2012

He Shall Sustain You

A few weeks ago, I received a card in the mail with a little slip of paper tucked in it containing the following simple, but powerful truth about suffering in the life of Christians. It has been my experience that God has provided sustaining grace 'sufficient' for each day of my journey. I have had my share of fears and anxieties, but the Lord has been faithful to His promises, despite my doubts and unfaithfulness to Him.

Intimate Letters on Personal Problems J. R. Miller, 1914

'An old scripture promise reads, "Cast your burden upon the Lord - and He shall sustain you." (Psalm 55:22) Every burden you have, you may cast on the Lord; that is, you may lay it on Him in prayer and by faith. But notice that God does not promise to lift the burden away - all He promises is to sustain you, that is, to give you strength to do the work, to bear the burden, to meet the difficulty, to master the hindrance or the obstacle.'

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