January 5, 2012

Articulating Your Prayers – by J.C. Ryle

Let us pray more, and let us pray more earnestly. Let those who never prayed begin to pray. Let those who have prayed pray better.

Pray for yourselves — that you may know the Lord Jesus, and cleave to Him — that you may be kept from falling — that you may serve your generation — that you may be sober in prosperity, patient in trial, and humble at all times.

Pray for the congregation to which you belong— that the word of the Lord may have free course in it, and be glorified — that the household of faith may become stronger and stronger, and the household of unbelief weaker and weaker.

Pray for your country — that her ministers may preach the Gospel, and be sound in the faith — that her rulers may value the Bible, and govern according to it — and that so her candlestick may not be taken away.

And pray for your minister — that he may be strong to work, and willing to labor for your good, that all his sicknesses may be sanctified, and all his health given to the Lord — that he may be ever taught of the Spirit, and thus be able to teach others — that he may be kept faithful unto death, and so be ready to depart when he is called.

Let us all pray, one for the other — I for you, and you for me — and we shall be blessed in our deed!

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  1. I was reading an article earlier this week which spoke of using the closing of a calendar year as an opportunity to pause and thank those whose lives have been used by God to have a lasting impact on our own. This morning as I was praying for you I realized that you indeed qualify as such an individual in my life. As a result I would like to do just that, thank you for the blessing you have been in my life even now from afar as I read your blog.

    How I praise God for your faithful desire to live for Him in the midst of humanly speaking overwhelming trials. While my heart aches for you and your family, for your daily physical losses, how I rejoice to see Christ’s strength magnified in your physical weakness. Thank you for your transparency, for the present day affirmation that our God remains unchangeable, that He indeed gives grace for each day no matter how great the trial he calls us to. Your blogged comments often cause me to re-examine my life’s priorities, to realign my focus. Your testimony is an inspiration reminding that no matter what path God has chosen for me, He is there and will take me through. His promises for his children, both in this life and the next, are indeed rock solid, unshakeable truths. Thank you for encouraging so many of us through your faithfulness to God in trusting him with your very life.

    Continuing in prayer for you and your loved ones,
    Deb de Haan

    Loving Lord, gracious, merciful Father, I lift Jack before your throne. How I thank you for his life, his testimony and the encouragement of his persevering walk before you. I praise you that his faith is rooted in you. Continue to fill his heart and vision with glimpses of your greatness, your tender love, your majesty and the blessings you are even now preparing for those who love Jesus Christ as Saviour and King. As physical abilities continue to fail, guard his spirit from discouragement and doubt. Give Him the faith to trust that you - the God who has been his joy and contentment and who is even now carrying Him through these trials - are the same Lord that will continue to shepherd his loved ones and provide for their every need. Fill each of them with that same sense of peace and quiet confidence in spite of their aching hearts. Precious Saviour, as my words fail and seem so inadequate, may your Spirit intercede. You, Lord, are all powerful, all knowing and all good. In that confidence, and praying that you would continue to glorify yourself in their lives, I continue to commit Jack and his loved ones to your care.